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  • More Highlights from the 2017 International Conference on Eating Disorders in Prague

Medical complications of severe malnutrition, treating EDs in men and ethnic minorities, an update on family-based treatment, overcoming barriers to treatment, and more.

  • Signs of Heart Dysfunction in Teens with AN


  • Ask an Expert: Teaching New Math for Eating Disorders

What can a clinician do to help patients caught in an exhausting focus on mathematical calculations, including calories consumed, calorie expenditure, restrictive meal planning, exhaustive menu examination, weight analysis, and clothing size scrutiny? Sandra Wartski, PsyD, CEDS advisers that sometimes creating a surprising or novel approach can help break these rigid routines.

  • Assertive Refeeding for Adult Inpatients With AN
  • Sexual Function as a Measure of Recovery

And much more…

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