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With the July/August issue, Eating Disorders Review will celebrate its 34th year in publication. The focus of the first issue in 1990 was addressing the controversy over pharmacotherapy versus individual psychotherapy. Dr. James Mitchell’s lead article addressed that very topic.

Dr. Mitchell argued that the best treatment was the one that answered the question: Which therapy or combination of therapies works best for the patient? This question remains today, as clinicians continue to investigate novel approaches to diagnosis and treatment. One current controversy involves decisions about treatment when patients refuse it at the risk of their lives. Articles in coming issues will address both sides of this problem.

Clinicians are still searching for the best ways to reach and help patients, including those with barriers to care, such as cost, lack of insurance, or geographic distances (see “Early Intervention for People with Eating Disorders” and “Single Session Intervention” elsewhere in this issue]. The challenges continue as many patients delay seeking treatment for years after symptoms first appear.

Eating Disorders Review will continue to bring articles and news on diagnosis and treatment for you. As always, we will seek and publish articles with current information that readers can apply to their everyday practice. Happy 2024 to all.


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