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  • A Broad View: Disordered Eating on the Autism Spectrum
    By Janice Goldschmidt, MS, RD, LDNA standard approach states that if an eating disorder is subsidiary to a mental condition, such as autism, then a secondary diagnosis is not warranted except in certain circumstances (e.g., pica) where outcomes are “sufficiently severe.” According to the author, the consequences of this are profound, as it prevents autism researchers from, among other factors, determining rates of prevalence. The author focuses on four categories of disordered eating on the autism spectrum: behavior rigidity, sensory abnormalities, a disparate group of behaviors that require substantial resources and staff to manage, and, finally, rumination.PLUS
  • Treatment of Severe and Enduring Anorexia
  • Breaking Bad News to Families
  • Using Movement Therapy to Treat Patients with Trauma
  • Hope: A Powerful Therapy
  • And much more…
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