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One of the joys of fall is enjoying the variety of colorful leaves all around us. Eating disorders also come in a wide variety of forms, and this issue includes ways to tackle some of the more difficult treatment challenges. One article includes ways to predict relapse, especially among patients with anorexia nervosa (see “Predicting Relapse,” elsewhere in this issue). In another article (“A Clinical Guideline for Patients with Higher Weights”), Dr. Angelique F. Ralph, of the National Eating Disorders Collaboration in Australia, reports newer methods of questioning patients with higher weights about eating habits and compensatory behaviors. Other articles discuss the fact that excess exercise may be a sign of midlife eating disorders among men, and another explains how racial discrimination as a young teen can result in binge eating disorder in later years. Finally, see an article that compares internet and day treatment programs that target bulimia nervosa (“Comparing Internet and Day Treatment Programs for BN”).


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