Current Issue: July/August • Vol. 31 / No. 4

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When Family-Based Treatment Fails

Can therapist and family members successfully reboot treatment? Family-based treatment (FBT) for adolescents with AN…

Some Highlights from the 2020 iaedp Virtual Meeting

An international meeting as close as your computer keyboard. After the 2020 iaedp conference planned for Orlando, FL, was cancelled  due to the COVID-19 virus, the iaedp Foundation quickly went into action…

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More on COVID-19
As of mid-June, the number of coronavirus cases reported worldwide… Read More

From Across the Desk: When An Annual Conference Is Cancelled

The COVID crisis has pushed publications and organizations to turn to computer tools to bridge the challenges of office visits, seminars, meetings, and many services.  This issue includes several examples, such as Dr. Sabine Wilhelm’s exploration of helpful computer apps in the lead article and items from a virtual issue published online by the International Journal of Eating Disorders. As helpful as the online articles and virtual seminars may be, sadly there can be a downside, too. Some online articles offer content that may focus on potentially harmful topics, such as “How to look your best on a webcam,” or at-home workout challenges, which inadvertently reinforce eating disorder cognitions and behaviors.  Such sites can leap right into the homes of patients sequestered due to the coronavirus. As more than one eating disorder professional has noted, isolation only increases the risk for some ED patients.