Working toward a health policy for EDNOS

Reprinted from Eating Disorders Review
July/August 2000 Volume 11, Number 4
©2000 Gürze Books

Jonelle Rowe, MD, Senior Advisor on Young Women’s Health for the Public Health Service, Washington, DC, told the audience that the lack of a clear definition of EDNOS also hampers efforts to promote a health care policy for these disorders. She urged eating disorders professionals to develop a consistent message in order to more effectively produce a nationwide campaign of public awareness.

She added, “The more we can engage the other parts of the public health community in our efforts, the better off we are—especially when we are talking about prevention and talking about young people. We should think about the issues of culture diversity and culturally competent messages, and get the message out to everyone that eating disorders are not just a white woman’s disease.”

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