World Eating Disorders Action Day is observed each year on June 2. This event was developed to bring together people with EDs, their families, friends, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and organizations, to help raise global awareness of eating disorders, to dispel stereotypes, combat stigma over having an ED, and to encourage people with eating disorders to overcome shame and seek help.

This year, more than 200 organizations in more than 50 countries worldwide will hold World Eating Disorders Action Day events. People who have overcome eating disorders are also urged to use social media to share their treatment experiences.

Some ways to participate include:

  • Joining the World Eating Disorders Action Day dialogue on social media using hashtags#WorldEatingDisordersDay and #Equity4Eating Disorders.
  • Raising awareness of stigmatizing or inaccurate descriptions of EDs by providing feedback to the press, product brands, and other content creators
  • Sharing a recovery story featured on The Emily Program’s blog or podcast https://www.emilyprogram.com. Or, if he or she is comfortable with sharing it, reaching out to tell their own story.
  • The World Eating Disorders Action Day website is: http://www.worldeatingdisordersday.org/.
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