One Reason Diet Drugs Are So Popular

Reprinted from Eating Disorders Review
January/February 1999 Volume 10, Number 1
©1999 Gürze Books

Why are diet drugs so popular despite current concerns about their serious side effects? In-depth interviews with a small group of women who had taken or were taking anorexants provided a possible answer: Diet drugs gave them a sense of control.

Nine women 18 years of age or older reported that their feelings of lack of control were due to frustration with failed attempts at dieting and the pressure from others to lose weight. The anorexiants reportedly helped them control their hunger, which gave them increased control over hunger and led to a decrease in weight. The weight loss then gave them enough confidence to continue their weight-loss efforts without medications. Once the medications were stopped, they maintained their weight loss through lifestyle changes (Can Fam Physician 44:2423, 1998).

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