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Warning: Looking and Lamenting May be Lethal

By Sandra Wartski, PsyD, CEDS, Silber Psychological Services, Raleigh, NC

While there are warning labels for everything from zippers to antennae, we don’t yet have any far-reaching warnings about the fact that constantly looking at certain ads, compulsive body competitiveness, and self-degrading lamenting can damage emotional well-being and psychological stability. Dr. Wartski’s thoughtful essay explores socially constructed ideas of beauty that negatively impact body image among people already vulnerable to or struggling to recover from an ED.


Body Composition among Men with Anorexia Nervosa

Body Image Concerns in Overweight and Normal Weight Persons with BED

Military Sexual Trauma and EDS Among Afghanistan and Iraqi Veterans

Internet, Smartphone and Video Applications for Patients with EDs

Diminished Mental Capacity and Outcome in Anorexia Nervosa

And much more…

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