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A Crisis in Care for Patients with Anorexia Nervosa

Two leading eating disorders experts, Dr. Walter Kaye and Dr. Cynthia Bulik, explore the many reasons for today’s crisis of care for AN patients. Among the problems are few available treatments, loss of academic programs, poor insurance coverage and reimbursement, and lack of standards of care. One result is that many untested but superficially appealing treatments are being marketed directly to consumers and clinicians as well. Positive solutions  include developing obligatory standards of care based on evidence-based research, and changing care models, among others. Last but not least, funding must be increased for AN research and treatment.


  • The Global Burden of Disease Study: Adding two ED Categories
  • How Well Can Psychotherapist Predict the Long-term Outcome for AN and BN Patients at the End of Inpatient Treatment?
  • Medical Comorbidities and Endocrine Dysfunction in Low-weight Females with ARFID
  • Stepped Care for Adults with Comorbid BED and Obesity

And, much more….

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