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Highlights from the IADEP Virtual National Meeting

Shortly before the annual IAEDP meeting was to open in Orlando, FL, COVID-19 intervened, and the meeting had to be cancelled  However, rather than rescheduling the 2020 meeting to 2021, the Board of Directors and Managing Director Bonnie Harken and her staff speedily organized a “virtual” national meeting, including speakers and even exhibitors, online.  Look for highlights from the virtual meeting, for-credit courses, and new treatment approaches in the July-August issue.


How Do Fitness Centers Respond to Clients with Suspected Eating Disorders?

Canada Overhauls Practice Guidelines for Treating Children and Teens with Eating Disorders

Maternal Factors and Weight Loss Attempts among Teens in Soweto, South Africa

A Pilot Study of Dulaglutide and Type 2 Diabetics with BED

And much more…

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