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Meeting Highlights from the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals Webinar series

When Covirus-19 reached the United States, most professional meetings and events were suspended, postponed, or cancelled. IAEDP’s Board and staff wisely cancelled their March 26-29 meeting in Orlando F, but took the symposium to the Internet so that members could “attend” the sessions.


  • Recognizing Restrictive Eating Disorders in Formerly Overweight Teens and Young Adults. Noting the differences in presentation between these patients and those with classic AN can help speed recognition and lead to appropriate treatment.
  • Eating Disorders During ‘Emerging Adulthood.’ During the transition to adulthood, the treatment needs of young adults may go unaddressed. Some adaptations may make treatment more successful for these patients.
  • Extreme Risk-Taking Behaviors. This case series explored 4 female patients who did not comply with treatment and were indifferent to their grave medical conditions. The authors also demonstrated how pregnancy can pose a high risk among some women with eating disorders.
  • A New Treatment Approach: Combining Physical Activity and Dietary Therapy. Norwegian clinicians suggest a program that improves treatment and reduces treatment drop-outs for patients with BN and BED..

And much more…

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