From Across the Desk: When An Annual Conference Is Cancelled

COVID-19 has delivered serious challenges to us all.  Sometimes such serious medical challenges can lead to improved ways of delivering health care and continuing education, and may cast a new light on old problems that have been overlooked or never improved.

Many kudos go to iaedp, our publisher, and to Managing Director Bonnie Harken and her associates, who overcame a huge challenge when faced with cancelling the 2020 IAEDP Annual Conference in Orlando due to the coronavirus.  The conference was cancelled just a few short weeks before it was to take place. A year of extensive planning, scheduling speakers and designing core courses, as well as handling registrations and hotel reservations seemed to be lost.  It would have been easy to merely cancel the conference and reschedule it for 2021.  Instead, Bonnie and her co-workers and the Executive Board have used modern technology to bring us the conference, speakers, and even the technical exhibits via virtual presentations. By visiting “The 2020 Virtual Symposium, “ the conference is just a few keystrokes away, and those taking the core courses for credit can do so from the comfort of their homes and computers  (for conference registrants, see and for more information, visit the association website, ).  This allows members and registrants to take their courses online, to hear and see the speakers, and to “attend the conference at their convenience while sheltering in place.  Look for highlights from the virtual conference in the July-August issue.  


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