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Reprinted from Eating Disorders Review
May/June Volume 26, Number 3
©2015 iaedp

May/June 2015
Volume 26, Number 3

  • Update: Topiramate May Trigger Eating Disorder Symptoms
  • Personality and Eating Disorders
  • The Heimlich Maneuver, But with a New Twist
  • Tracking the Night Eating Syndrome
  • Saliva May Hold Clues to Undiagnosed Eating Disorders
  • Short-term Intensive Family Therapy
  • A New Scale Measures Compulsive Food Restriction
  • Outpatient Treatment, from the Adolescent Patient’s Viewpoint
  • Teens’ Favorite Television Character Shape: Thin
  • Q&A: Type 2 Diabetes and Eating Disorders
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