From Across the Desk: A New Feature and a Fond Farewell

A new feature this month, “Perspectives,” offers some food for thought from an author whose name will be familiar to EDR readers. Sandra Wartski, whose helpful article, “Warning: Looking and Lamenting May be Lethal” appeared in the July-August 2017 issue, is back with a thoughtful article about patients mired in obsessive calorie counting. She writes, “The majority need guidance in general structure, outlines and minimums to begin the process of resetting in this confusing process of attending mindfully to hunger and full signals.”

The International Conference on Eating Disorders always brings a cornucopia of research and advances in eating disorders. Several sessions on binge eating disorder caught our eye, and can be seen in the article, “A New Look at the Many Facets of Binge Eating Disorder.” New advances are countered with new questions as more research emerges about BED, the most common eating disorder. Look also for articles on a new Web service for women with bulimia nervosa, and challenges to a program where patients self-admit themselves for inpatient treatment.

We also want to wish a hearty “Happy Retirement” to our former publishers, Leigh and Lindsey Cohen of Gürze Books and Designs, who have dedicated more than 25 years to writing, speaking, and publishing books and articles (and newsletters) about eating disorders for professionals and ED patients alike. Leigh has just published a wonderful letter of reminiscences about this long career that has benefitted so many with eating disorders. And to think that this 25-year journey all began with catching the eye of a beautiful woman at a crafts fair (Lindsey) who just happened to also be struggling with bulimia nervosa. The lack of resources and information about all eating disorders at the time stirred the Cohens to a new career in publishing, teaching, and getting the word out about eating disorders. See his letter on the Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment & Prevention home page: (

We wish them both the best and look forward to seeing new paintings from Leigh—his work can be seen in numerous galleries and in Balboa Park in San Diego.


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