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UPDATE: The Obesity Epidemic
Is Spreading Worldwide

Reprinted from Eating Disorders Review
November/December 2012 Volume 23, Number 6
©2012 Gürze Books

At the recent American Psychological Association meeting in Tampa, FL, Kelly Brownell, PhD, and Rena Wing, PhD, told the audience that by 2030, the diabetes rate in China is expected to increase by 75% and in India, 134%, as a result of a worldwide epidemic of obesity. In fact, Dr. Brownell said, the health minister in China recently declared excessive food intake and subsequent obesity a more significant problem than malnutrition and hunger. Dr. Brownell said that one way to combat the epidemic is to push back through policies, such as regulating portion sizes to make default choices easier. Dr. Wing stressed individual approaches to combating obesity, and encouraged clinicians and other health professionals to disseminate cost-effective approaches to combat obesity.

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